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The Weber Q Premium (Q2200N) is big enough for every day, but still compact enough to take down to the park for a barbecue with friends. It features a high-domed lid with thermometer, and is available in a range of colours. With a Weber Q Premium barbecue and the right accessories, you can create truly epic meals outdoors.


Mainburners:  14.8 MJ (14,000 BTU)

FuelType:Liquid Petroleum Gas (refillable cylinder sold separately)

Side Tables: 2

Dimensions – Lid Open and TablesOut(centimetres): 73.00cm H x 126.00cm W x 61.00cm D

Dimensions – Lid Closed andTablesOut(centimetres):  42.00cm H x 126.00cm W x 50.00cm D

Primarycookingarea(centimetres): 2064 cm² (57cm X 41cm)
Weight(kg): 14.5

Stainless steel burners:1

Cooking grate type: Porcelain-enamelled, cast-iron cooking grills

Tool hooks: 4

Battery Type: 1 AAA – Electric Ignition

Max grill temperature: 315 °C

Built-in lid thermometer:

Hose Type:
Type 27 Gas Connection

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