Premium Range of Indoor and Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces

The Heart of Your Home

Experience the transformation that an ethanol fireplace can bring to the outdoor area of your home. Unlike wood or gas fireplaces, these eco-friendly alternatives use clean-burning bioethanol fuel, making them an excellent addition to any environmentally conscious home. Warmth, style, and comfort are at your fingertips with our range of premium bioethanol fireplaces.

Design Group: Crafting Modern Fireplaces with Ethanol

At the intersection of form and function lie our EcoSmart fireplaces. These models offer a chic, modern take on the traditional fireplace, proving that these outdoor heating ideas can indeed be a statement piece. Experience the ultimate design and aesthetics with our carefully curated selection.

Fuel Your Fire with Bioethanol

Our bioethanol fuel not only powers your ethanol fireplace but does so with minimal impact on the environment. Derived from renewable sources through fermentation, bioethanol burns cleanly and efficiently, producing heat, steam, and a small amount of carbon dioxide. This renewable fuel provides a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, without compromising on warmth or aesthetic appeal.

The Best Sellers: Our EcoSmart Fire Models are Best Sellers

Expertly designed and engineered for outdoor use, our EcoSmart range of ethanol fireplace models offer warmth, comfort, and style without the need for a chimney or a flue - that’s right, they are vent-free. Each unit encapsulates the perfect balance of simplicity and flexibility.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Choosing an ethanol fireplace is choosing to reduce your environmental impact. These fireplaces burn bioethanol, a renewable fuel that doesn't produce harmful emissions or ash. Not only are they cleaner for the air, but their installation also comes with a lesser environmental footprint than traditional fireplaces.

Shop by Category: Find the Perfect Model for You

With a broad selection of bio-ethanol fireplace models to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your home has never been easier. Whether you're looking for free-standing units, insert models, or firebox types, our diverse range of quality ethanol fireplaces ensures that there is something for every home and every style.

EcoSmart Fire: New Statement Pieces for Your Outdoor Spaces

Turn your outdoor space into a warm, inviting sanctuary. These stylish and efficient burners are perfect for those chilly evenings spent under the stars. They easily enhance your outdoor areas, creating an inviting, cosy space to enjoy the simplicity and comfort of fire.

Installation Simplicity: Outdoor Heating Without the Fuss

One of the many benefits of an ethanol fireplace is its easy installation. Unlike traditional wood or gas fireplaces, an ethanol fireplace doesn’t require a chimney or a flue. This reduces the complexity and cost of installation, giving you the warmth and beauty of a fireplace without the hassle. Plus, without the need for gas lines or electrical connections, you have the flexibility to place your fireplace wherever you desire.

Stay Warm with Ethanol: The Efficient, Renewable Fuel

Ethanol fireplaces offer more than just an eye-catching focal point for your home; they provide a practical, efficient heat source. With bioethanol fuel, you can expect to receive a heat output of approximately 1.5KW to 6KW per hour, depending on the model. This means you can enjoy the warmth of a real fire, with the knowledge that you're using a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel source.

Trade Professional Benefits: Sales, Marketing, and Ongoing Support

At JK BBQ & Outdoor, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. Beyond providing high-quality ethanol fireplaces, we also offer ongoing support and advice for installation, maintenance, and queries. For sales and marketing assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Visit Us for The Ultimate in Outdoor Design

With our wide range of EcoSmart ethanol fireplace products, JK BBQ & Outdoor is here to guide you in making the perfect choice for your home. From the luxurious EcoSmart Fire AB3 Ethanol Burner to the sleek EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner, we have the perfect ethanol fireplace to complement your style and meet your heating needs.  Visit our Loganholme retail outlet today and discover the bio ethanol fireplace that will transform your space.

Fire Pits, Fire Tables and More! At JK BBQ and Outdoor we also stock Ecosmart Fire pits, Ecosmart Fire Pit Kits and Ecosmart Fire Pit Tables (plus accessories and more) - so we have all your EcoSmart needs covered. Come in and chat with the team today to find out everything you need to know about ethanol heating or explore online to find exactly what you're looking for. Make the change to a clean burning, freestanding outdoor heating option today. Our EcoSmart fire models are here and waiting for you!


Are ethanol fireplaces any good?
Absolutely! Ethanol fireplaces, like the range we offer at JK BBQ & Outdoors, are fantastic for several reasons. They're eco-friendly, as they utilise bioethanol, a renewable fuel source, and release no harmful emissions. They're easy to install because they don't require a chimney, flue, or gas lines. Plus, they provide genuine warmth, while creating an inviting, cosy atmosphere in your home. The stylish design of our EcoSmart ethanol fireplaces makes them a fantastic statement piece for both indoor and outdoor settings.
Are ethanol fireplaces expensive to run?
Running an ethanol fireplace is surprisingly affordable, especially considering the benefits. The cost primarily depends on the frequency and duration of use. However, it's important to note that our ethanol fireplaces at JK BBQ & Outdoor utilise bioethanol fuel, which is not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective. It's a small price to pay for the warmth, ambience, and style that an ethanol fireplace brings to your home.
Do ethanol fireplaces give off heat?
Definitely! Despite their sleek design and clean-burning properties, ethanol fireplaces produce a substantial amount of heat. Depending on the model, you can expect an output of approximately 1.5KW to 6KW per hour. Our range of EcoSmart Fire ethanol burners at JK BBQ & Outdoor, for instance, are known for their impressive heat output, making them perfect for those chilly nights.
What is better - electric or ethanol fireplace?
Both have their merits, but we at JK BBQ & Outdoors believe ethanol fireplaces offer a unique set of advantages. Ethanol fireplaces provide a real flame, creating a more authentic and cosy atmosphere. They burn bioethanol fuel, a clean and renewable energy source, and don't require a chimney or flue, allowing for more flexibility in installation. Plus, they're more environmentally friendly than electric fireplaces, which rely on electricity, often generated from fossil fuels. And best of all, there are no installation costs like running power to the unit!
Do ethanol fireplaces require maintenance?
Great question! One of the key benefits of ethanol fireplaces, like our EcoSmart range at JK BBQ & Outdoors, is that they require very minimal maintenance compared to traditional wood or gas fireplaces. There's no ash to clean up, no soot marks to scrub, and no chimney or flue to maintain.
However, as with any home appliance, it's essential to keep your ethanol fireplace in good condition to ensure optimal performance and safety. Regularly check and clean the burner to ensure it's free from dust or debris. Also, it's always a good practice to clean the surface of your fireplace to keep it looking its best.
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