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Looking for an eco-friendly indoor/outdoor heating solution that can be installed almost anywhere, radiates instant heat and looks fantastic?

Heatscope electric infrared radiant heaters are an eco-friendly way generate heat. These heaters use rays to directly warm the surfaces and people within their reach, delivering a feeling similar to the comfortable warmth of the sun on your skin. 

Heatscope electric infrared radiant heaters feature lean-cut, modern designs and colours easily blend into any decor – you’ll not only benefit from an economical source of heat, but you’ll enjoy a stylish look that compliments your lifestyle.

Part of what makes the Heatscope so efficient is that you won’t have to wait for heat or waste electricity while it warms up. You will notice instant heat when you switch it on and enjoy 100 percent heat within one minute. No one wants to wait to get warm – so the Heatscope is the right choice for anyone who hasn’t got time to wait or money to waste.

Heatscope electric infrared radiant heaters are also weather resistant. All models are certified with an IP rating for protection against dust, splash-water and wind.

With a double carbon heating element, you will enjoy an ambient, modest light instead of an aggressive red glow that you’ll get with traditional heaters of a lesser design.

Give an Heatscope electric infrared radiant heater a try today!

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