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EcoSmart’s Ethanol Burners are a unique addition to any home. Not only do they provide superior looks and design, but their clean-burning nature makes them perfect for creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere that is ideal for relaxation or concentration. Imagine sitting in your favourite chair by the fire, surrounded by the warm tones of your new EcoSmart’s Ethanol Burner.

The streamlined design of these products synchronises effortlessly within your design ideas and style. EcoSmart’s Ethanol Burners not only look good, but they also function well and are easy to use.

And what if you could light up your outdoor spaces with a soft, alluring glow without having to connect cumbersome wires, light smoky fires or deal with bulky equipment? You can easily and efficiently create this beautiful effect with an EcoSmart’s Ethanol Burner.

Adding an EcoSmart Ethanol Burner to your entertainment space can add a distinctive design element and increase the feeling of space. When you sit in front of an open fire, you feel warm and cosy, yet the unit itself will give you a sense of space and air. In addition, the flames will cast a flickering light on the surrounding objects, creating an atmosphere that is both mesmerising and relaxing.

An  EcoSmart Ethanol Burner is similar in many ways to a traditional fire as far as heat and light goes –  however, ethanol fires use an economical means of fuel instead of wood or coal. This makes them environmentally friendly because they don’t require trees or other plants to be burned for fuel. They also produce less smoke and smell than traditional fires, making them ideal for spaces where these features are important. No more sitting around the fire and having smoke blown in your face every time the wind changes direction! 

EcoSmart Ethanol Burner can be installed just about anywhere – so what are you waiting for? Begin your outdoor lifestyle and relaxation journey today!

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