Flex Fireplace Inserts

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EcoSmart’s Flex Fireplace Inserts are designed with endless flexibility and installation freedom in mind, so that you can trust the products to give your project the look you desire. 

With a variety of size options available, we have something for your needs and lifestyle

Each model comes with EcoSmart’s exclusive ECO-FIRE technology that ensures your fire features zero emissions for an environmentally friendly experience. 

EcoSmart’s Flex Fireplace Inserts use a clean burning fuel that doesn’t produce any harmful emissions. It’s stored within the self-contained burner, so you don’t have to run pipes or cables through your walls. And you don’t need a flue or a chimney. This means you save on installation costs.

Requiring virtually no assembly, Flex Firebox’s are designed to be placed into the desired location, secured into position, and operated almost immediately. This revolutionary design eliminates time-consuming and difficult installation procedures.

Talk to us today to find out how we can make EcoSmart’s Flex Fireplace Inserts a part of your lifestyle!

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