Weber Charcoal Range

Nothing beats the smell of barbeque wafting through your home as your guests arrive for a meal they’ll never forget! 

Perfect for all kinds of grilling, the Weber Charcoal Grill series is the go-to choice for most people. They provide consistent results, making them ideal for beginners and experts alike. Plus, they outperform other charcoal grills in terms of cooking speed, portability and ease of assembly.

Portable Charcoal Series

Smokey Mountain Cooker Series

Weber Kettle Series

Weber Summit Charcoal Series

Weber Performer Series

A charcoal grill is an all-in-one solution for grilling, smoking, and roasting. They're compact yet big enough to cook an entire elaborate meal for a family or a simple spread for a party. But Weber's Charcoal Grill is the whole package - from 12 well-seared burgers to an entire cut-up barbecue chicken to whole smoked baby back ribs - it can produce beautiful meals and needs no expertise and no experience to use.

And who says that charcoal grills need to be boring? Not with Weber’s affordable and reliable models. Made from heavy-duty materials, these grills are built to last. Plus, their simple designs make them easy to use and manoeuvre, so you can spend less time babysitting the grill and more time enjoying your meal.

The best part about Weber Charcoal Grills is that you can use most models almost anywhere - so no matter where you are, charcoal grilled goodness is ready to go wherever you want.

Additionally, Weber offers a variety of accessories to help make grilling even easier, such as the Sear Box and the Smoke Ring. The Sear Box covers your grill so that food doesn't contact with direct heat, while the Smoke Ring creates an ambient smoke environment for greater flavour and aroma.

In addition, the Weber Charcoal Grills are perfect for those who want to take their grilling to the next level. With a huge cooking surface and multiple features, this grill is great for chefs or anyone with an appetite for adventure. 

Therefore, the Weber Charcoal Grill is the perfect choice for anyone looking to cook delicious, visually stunning and easy meals.

After 52 years of building charcoal grills, it would be safe to say Weber knows a thing or two about what makes them great. From the simple yet sturdy design to its well-regarded customer service and warranty, this grill is built to last.

Check out all the great features of each Weber Charcoal Grill that makes the series one of the best charcoal barbeque grills on the market today.

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